Creating Poppin' Websites for the BootStrap Entrepreneur!


Welcome to MS52 Design’s  internet office! MS52 Design is the brain child of Marcia Shannon52. You can find her other ventures on and her all natural hair, beard and body products on Tree Of Life Naturals.

Ok! Now  what you all have been waiting for…what is MS52 Design?  MS52 Design provides “popping websites & blogs for the Bootstrapped Entrepreneur.” Marcia knows all to well how hard it is on new entrepreneurs with finances, prioritizing what is most important, finding the cash to buy what you need…and the lists goes on.  Many newly established entrepreneurs cannot afford to pay 1,000’s of dollars  for a professional website; however that is where MS52 Design comes in, you will get an affordable website that looks like your money is right when it is actually tight (or lacking).

MS52 Design provides payment plans & Pay AS You Go plans that are easy on your pocket, which will give you peace of mind so that you can focus on building your brand. To select a pricing plan that fits your budget click on the link below.