Work With Me

Congratulations! You have made the decision to invest in yourself. When you invest in your business you are investing in yourself because it is your company. You are the one can tell you that you are fired.  So now that you have taken the next step forward by clicking on this link, let me answer the question that is shouting in your head…”how much is this going to cost me?”

MS52 Design Payment Structure:

  1. Need it Today!: This plan will allow you to have your website ready for launching in 24 hours from time of payment.  $250 is required upfront and the balance of $250 due upon completion ( and before it is launched).
  2. Get it in 3 days plan: $400 (you are paying extra for the priority status). $200 is required upfront, $100 on the 2nd day and the balance of $100 is paid upon completion.
  3. No Rush Required plan: $300.  Website is ready in 7-14 days. $100 is required upfront and the balance of $200 is due upon completion.
  4. Pay AS You Go plan: This plan is custom tailored for the customer that needs their website up quickly but their money is slow. For detailed information on this affordable plan please complete the contact form below and specify Pay AS You Go.

When appropriate, our payment schedules can be rearranged to meet your cash flow.

Note: Providing content for your website is NOT included. It can be provided at an additional cost.


Pictures of yourself or of your products need to be  professional grade because it impacts the “pop” your website will have. Referrals can be provided to professionals, if needed.

We will provide quality pictures from royalty free websites, such as CreateHer Stock and Pixabay, for feature images and themes.


PayPal accepted. We use and themes.