The three words in this title tells exactly how I feel.  I never imagined that I would be designing websites but I am! I am overwhelmed with joy as I write this post because I just finished designing a website for my very first client, Anissa Pennyman of Anissa Renee. She may not have published it yet, so if you click the link and its not up, go back in a few days.

My name is Marcia Shannon aka Marcia Shannon52 on most social media platforms. I am a blogger, author, love graphics and working with computers.  I am also a workshop presenter. One of my favorite workshops to teach is  “Why Every Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners Should Have a Blog.” Here is a link to see a small clip of the workshop. I find that people who feel uncomfortable using the internet and social media become more comfortable after they have been educated about how to use these various platforms. I love to teach and I love techy stuff so it works very well for me to serve in this niche.

The people who I want to help with my web design skills are BootStrap entrepreneurs whose money is not right but they want a website that is tight. I am also an entrepreneur so I understand first hand how it is when you start your business, especially if you have left your 9-5 to work for yourself. I did that in 2012 and my money wasn’t right so I had to downsize and change my lifestyle, including my spending habits.

New entrepreneurs need a website to assist them to run their business smoothly. In the beginning a website to cover the basics about you and your business: The Who, The What and The Why. Consider your first website your starter website..its what you are using for now but you can upgrade and change it later. Having a blog on your website will assist in driving new customers to you and maintaining relationship with regular customers.

A starter website doesn’t have to look like a starter website and that is why I am providing this service-to meet the need of entrepreneurs that are cash strapped and  don’t want their first  website to look unprofessional. So if you want a website that will make you go “Wow WoW WOW” then I am the one for you! Click on my contact tab to see what you will need to invest in your business by having me design your website.

I also designed my husband’s website, you can view it here.

Peace Out!


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